If you feel the time is right, and want to join the Spud’s Staff Team, here’s the place to do it! Everyone has an equal chance at their Application, we wish you the best of luck! Once you feel that you’ve filled out the form with the best of your ability, submit and we’ll review it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, due to the large inflow of applications you will only hear a response from us if we need further information, or it was accepted.


Minimum of 13 Years of Age

Knows how the staff System Works

Is able to apply appropriate Moderation Measures on Members

Knows how to communicate well with people

Has a Mic and is willing to use it

When filling the form

Filling out applications is a crucial part to life, and knowing how to-do it properly is key. 

For best possible chances of making it into our staff team – Take your time, methodically answer each question with much detail as possible. We don’t want a 10,000 word essay, nor do we want a few letters, use a few detailed, simple and grammatically accurate sentences for best possible results.

Answer everything to the best of your ability – don’t be in a rush. If you need assistance with filling in the form, then make sure to search up some help, or ask a staff member.

After Submitting

Unfortunately due to the amount of applications – you will only hear a response if your application passes. Occasionally we may request further details, such as identity documents so we can prove who you are – don’t worry that’s just procedure 🙂

If you are accepted, you will go through all mandatory training and information guides so you’re up on your feet as fast as possible, with the best experience possible on your staffing journey.


With Spud’s Ultimate Community we give everyone a fair and equal opportunity throughout their desires; however if one breaks that deal, then retribution will occur.

If you have had an account infraction placed, and you feel it is unjust then you may want to appeal for it. For best possible chances, enter the fields below with as much detail as possible and your side of the situation. Once submitted, our Community PR team will get in touch with you for your results. Please note that rarely accounts are impacted unjustly, so don’t be surprised if your request isn’t accepted.

Spud's First Responders Application

Ready to take the leap of protecting the Spud’s Ultimate Semi-RP Community? Look no further! Apply today to join the First Responders team to gain instant access to official jobs, resources and kits. We wish you the best of luck when applying!

As a Police Officier, your role is to serve and protect the community at all costs. When on duty, you observe and monitor for any suspicious behaviour or broken laws. You’re able to conduct periodic police raids or events in order to take down large gangs or drug runners. Below you will find police systems and tools to elevate your job progress.

EMS works alongside the police to save lives on a daily base. Arguably Medics have the most important role in the First Responders industry; they need to be there whenever trouble calls. EMS will regularly take part in server events for standby in case something turns south and someone needs help.




– At least 12 years of age

– At least 100 hours on Unturned

– Mature

– Understands responsibility

– Is apart of the SFR & Official Discord Server




– At least 12 years of age

– At least 50 hours on Unturned

– Mature

– Understands responsibility

– Is apart of the SFR & Official Discord Server