If you wish to support us, donating with a membership upgrade is the best way possible! Membership Upgrades grants you Special exclusive perks and rewards, upgrades are permanent and is are one-time payments. VIP will grant you rewards on our Discord Server such as Special Roles, In-game rewards such as exclusive kits, Chat Tags and global Perks.

Note: Membership upgrades are for every Game Server that we support and if we add Servers in the Future, you will still have full access to your Perks on that Specific Server.

Upgrading is super simple, once you successfully purchase your desired membership, you will receive a confirmation email about your Membership. Once this is completed you will need to contact Spud via discord DM’s to arrange your brand new Rank!


VIP grants you basic premium Features and Perks. This is a great way to support us with bonuses.

VIP includes a colored in-game Tag, exclusive Discord Roles / In-game Labels, VIP kit, VIP Salaries and Access to the Private VIP Voice Channel.

Kit includes all standard Rare gear and Clothing, Fully Modded Heartbreaker, Avenger Pistol, Ammunition, Food with Rare Medical Items. Definitely a fancy way to show off.


GOLD is a Premium Membership that grants you exclusive Features and Perks. This is seen as the middle Grounds and is overall a really fun and useful Membership.

Gold is VIP but better, higher status Roles on Discord, Gold name color, Exclusive Kits, Gold Salaries, Global Cheaper prices and Priority Support.

Kit includes improved Spec-Ops gear, AUG, JackHammer, Ammunition, med supplies, Luxurious Foods and some extra goodies.


Diamond is seen as the holy grail in Membership Status, this will give you the most perks / rewards out of any Membership, you now hold a lot of power, so use it responsibly.

Diamond gives you all that you would want for your experience on our Servers, Glamorous Diamond Status and Roles, Personalized and Exclusive Kits, Diamond Salaries, Global Cheaper prices,  exclusive events and Priority Support.

Kits work different in Diamond, you have the power over what you want. All diamond users have to power to create their own Kit and can use it with a balanced cool down depending on the items you select.

All Membership Upgrades are Lifetime fixtures to your account of choice (One time Payment) and are non refundable.