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If you wish to support us, donating with a membership upgrade is the best way possible! Membership Upgrades grant you Special exclusive perks and rewards, upgrades are permanent and are one-time payments.

Note: Membership upgrades are for every Game Server that we support and if we add Servers in the Future, you will still have full access to your Perks on that Specific Server.

Upgrading is super simple, once you successfully purchase your desired membership, you will receive a confirmation email about your Membership. Once this is completed you will need to contact Spud via discord DM’s to arrange your brand new Rank!


SILVER grants you basic premium Features and Perks. This is a great way to support the server and community with bonuses.

Silver includes a coloured in-game Tag, exclusive Discord Roles / In-game Labels, Silver kit, Silver Salaries plus tons of other goodies!

The Silver kit is an enhanced civilian kit, featuring a fully automatic rifle, medical items, food and tools. Silver has a great fundamental kit, but also to keep balance to the community.


GOLD is a Premium Membership that grants you exclusive Features and Perks. This is seen as the middle Grounds and is overall a really fun and unique Membership.

Gold is Silver but better, higher status Roles on Discord, Gold name color, Exclusive Kits, Gold Salaries, Global Cheaper prices and Priority Support. Additionally, holds a building area restriction bypass.

The Gold kit is an advanced system of military equipment and technologies. The kit features an advanced primary firearm with extra ammunition, as well as medical items, food / drink, tools and resources to assist you in your mission.


Diamond is the S tier of membership, it’s the best membership that spud’s Servers have to offer for its donor on the basic level, you now hold a lot of power, so use it responsibly.

Diamond gives you all that you would want for your experience on our Servers, Glamorous Diamond Status and Roles, Personalized and Exclusive Kits, Diamond Salaries, Global Cheaper prices,  exclusive events and Priority Support. Additionally, holds a building area restriction bypass.

Kits work completely different with Diamond, you have the power over what you want. After a successful donation, You’ll have 2 options: First, you can keep the default diamond kit which features an extremely specialised kit with a fully loaded maplestrike. Or, at the expense of time and cooldown, you can select a specific firearm and attachments you would like in your kit, and we’ll build it for you.


If you’re looking for something… more…. unique, you’re in the right place! Spud’s Ultimate Servers offers 2 extension memberships that can be purchased for a larger donation. These ranks are extremely prestigious, they go by the names of Platinum and Infinite, they can only be obtained by contacting Spud through discord for details.

All Membership Upgrades are Lifetime fixtures to your account of choice (One time Payment) and are non refundable.