Spud's Ultimate Semi-RP



Port: 27015

Server Location: Sydney AUS

Player Slots: 27

Map: Spud’s RP Washington


Freighter Pack

Furniture Expansion

Lin’s Armory+

Mega Lockers

More Farming Mod

OGN City Life RP Items Pack

OGN Drugs Pack

Pento’s Tactical Apparel

Redux Arsenal

Toxicity Items Stacking

Vanilla Vehicles 2

Spud’s Servers Core Mods

SERVER ISSUES? Check the server status below.


1. Spamming in-game chat is not allowed (Mic spamming included).

2. Harassment / Toxic Behavior is not permitted.

3. Harassing Staff will result in an instant kick/ban – This goes for any reason.

4. You cannot freebuild inside the safezone, unless a staff member approves of it.

5. Griefing (including blowing up crops) in Safezone will result in a termination/suspension of your character.

6. Sentries, Claim Flags and other Fail RP fortifications in SZ is disallowed.

7. Vehicles have to comply with RP rules whilst in the SZ – No excessive buildables and always park in appropriate places.

8. Skybase’s or Glitched bases aren’t permitted and will be removed.

9. Excessive safezone camping will result in a suspension. (Refer to the box below for more information.)

10. Each player can own a maximum of 1 Shop and 1 House/Apartment each.

11. Players cannot build excessively outside their store/apartment, including the roof.

12. Membership holders cannot re-sell their kits, we have an automated system in place to detect this and will suspend all players involved.

11. Anything that exploits the games core mechanics, such as glitches, bugs, lag machines or scripts will result in a termination of the account.

12. Anything that impacts other players experience in a negative way will result in a ban – This means excessive building, blocking landmarked locations etc.


Disturbing the Peace – $200 Fine

Trespassing – $200 Fine

Harassing Others – $300 Fine

Vandalism – $250-$2000 Fine

Improper Vehicle Parking – Vehicle Removed

Reckless driving – $300-$800 Fine

Driving Under the Influence – $500 Fine

Drug Possession – $500-$3000 Fine w/ Jail Sentence

Drug Distribution – $1000-$4000 Fine w/ Jail Sentence

Possession of Raiding Equipment – $500-$4000 Fine

Drug Manufacturing – $5000 Fine w/ Major Jail Sentence

Blocked Windows – Warranted Police Raid or Fine

How Safezone Camping works:

Safezone camping is not explicitly against the rules on Spud’s Ultimate Semi-RP. When traversing in and out of the safezone, the player needs to take extreme care as other players may be watching that same area. This means, if a player exits the safezone in a hostile area (Or referred to as a contested space), where another enemy may be guarding; if the player exits and dies, it’s not at the fault of the enemy. Players should scan the area before exiting, then proceeding once it’s safe.

However, this changes if another player is continuously holding the edge of a safezone with the single intent of killing players for a long amount of time – This will be categorised as player toxicity which will result in a suspension of the account.