Spud's Ultimate Semi-RP



Port: 27015

Server Location: Sydney AUS

Player Slots: 22

Map: Spud’s RP Washington

SERVER ISSUES? Check the server status below.


1. Spamming in game or on discord is not allowed (Mic spamming included).

2. Harassment / Toxic Behavior is not permitted, you will be kicked.

3. Harassing Staff will result in an instant kick/ban – This goes for any reason, if there is an issue please speak to Spud.

4. You can build whatever and wherever you please, as long as an admin permits it.

5. If a Mod punishes you and you feel it is unjust, talk to an admin. If an admin punishes you and you feel it is unjust, talk to spud. If spud punishes you and you feel it is unjust try explaining your point and he might reconsider.  -JR 2020

6. Storing illegal items is not against the rules, but against the law. You must follow all authority Instructions to comply with RP rules.

7. Griefing in SafeZone will result in a termination/suspension of your character.

8. Sybase’s or Glitched bases aren’t permitted and will be removed.

9. Vehicles have to comply with RP rules whilst in the SZ – No excessive buildables and always park in appropriate places.

10. Sentries, Claim Flags and other Fail RP fortifications in SZ is disallowed.

11. Anything that impacts other players experience in a negative way will result in a ban – This means excessive building, blocking landmarked location etc.


Disturbing the Peace – $200 Fine

Trespassing – $200 Fine

Harassing Others – $300 Fine

Vandalism – $250-$2000 Fine

Improper Vehicle Parking – Vehicle Removed

Reckless driving – $300-$800 Fine

Driving Under the Influence – $500 Fine

Drug Possession – $500-$3000 Fine w/ Jail Sentence

Drug Distribution – $1000-$4000 Fine w/ Jail Sentence

Possession of Raiding Equipment – $500-$4000 Fine

Drug Manufacturing – $5000 Fine w/ Major Jail Sentence

Blocked Windows – Warranted Police Raid or Fine





Serve and protect the community with Seattle’s Police force. Stop criminals, shield civilians and enforce the law!


Emergency Medical Services (Paramedics) – The first responder heroes on scene to help out and save the day.


If you feel like you don’t suit in the normal civilian lifestyle, perhaps join the Mafia? Nothing to lose 😉


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