Spud's Ultimate Semi-RP

This server has been shutdown.



Alternative IP: CLOSED

Server Location: Sydney AUS

Player Slots: 100

Map: Spud’s RP Washington

SERVER ISSUES? Check the server status below.


1. Spamming in-game chat is not allowed (Mic spamming included).

2. Harassment / Toxic behaviour is not permitted.

3. Harassing Staff will result in an instant kick/ban – This goes for any reason.

4. You cannot freebuild inside the safezone, unless a staff member approves of it.

5. Griefing (including blowing up crops) in Safezone will result in a termination/suspension of your character.

6. Sentries, Claim Flags and other Fail RP fortifications in SZ is disallowed.

7. Vehicles have to comply with RP rules whilst in the SZ – No excessive buildables and always park in appropriate places.

8. Skybase’s or Glitched bases aren’t permitted and will be removed.

9. Excessive safezone camping will result in a suspension. (Refer to the box below for more information.)

10. Each player can own a maximum of 1 Property each (Shop/Apartment/House).

11. Purchased Shops must be used as stores, extras like a personal dwelling can additionally be used.

12. Players cannot build excessively outside their store/apartment, including the roof.

13. Membership holders cannot re-sell their kits, we have an automated system in place to detect this and will suspend all players involved.

14. Anything that exploits the games core mechanics, such as glitches, bugs, lag machines or scripts will result in a termination of the account.

15. Anything that impacts other players experience in a negative way will result in a ban – This means offensive nicknames, blocking locations etc.


Disturbing the Peace – $200 Fine

Trespassing – $200 Fine

Harassing Others – $300 Fine

Vandalism – $250-$2000 Fine

Improper Vehicle Parking – Vehicle Removed

Reckless driving – $300-$800 Fine

Driving Under the Influence – $500 Fine

Drug Possession – $500-$3000 Fine w/ Jail Sentence

Drug Distribution – $1000-$4000 Fine w/ Jail Sentence

Possession of Raiding Equipment – $500-$4000 Fine

Drug Manufacturing – $5000 Fine w/ Major Jail Sentence

Blocked Windows – Warranted Police Raid or Fine

How Safezone Camping works:

Safezone camping is against the rules on Spud’s Ultimate Semi-RP. When traversing in and out of the safezone, the player needs to take extreme care as other players may be watching that same area. This additionally includes whether a player exiting the safezone decides to open fire on another player entering the SafeZone (Vice Versa). Occasionally this can happen by accident, we understand, but if a “Safezone War” or “Excessive Safezone Camping” occurs, then all players (Or the provokers) involved will receive a suspension.



  • Q: I’m having issues with the NPC’s
  • A: If you’re having troubles with the NPC’s, please unsubscribe from all of your workshop mods. Click here for help.
  • Q: “Server using a Modified Version of the map”
  • A: First try restarting your game/computer, if that fails repeat the above step.
  • Q: How do I make money?
  • A: Money can be made in many ways, Open a Store, sell items to NPC’s, join a Job etc.
  • Q: Who can I buy custom cars off?
  • You can buy specific cars off admin in game, but they may be more expensive than the mechanic.
  • Q: I Have donated, but I don’t have it in-game?
  • A: Ensure that you contact Spud after making a donation to arrange your membership.
  • Q: I have a membership but I don’t have Perks.
  • A: If you’re missing your donor perks (Chat Tags, Paycheck, Kits etc) – Please contact Spud.
  • Q: Help, my ping is high!
  • A: This server is set in Australia, if you’re connecting internationally your ping may be upwards of 300+, if you’re in Australia the server may be experiencing problems, or is cluttered with player built objects.
  • Q: Why can’t I build anywhere?
  • A: Currently, players without Gold or Diamond can only build in their property, and outside the safezone.