Spud's First Responders

This page allows Spud’s Ultimate Semi-RP First Responders to view all necessary tools and information to assist in their line of duty. If you need any more help or can’t find a particular feature, please let a staff member or supervisor know. Please note that when viewing this page your User-Agent and IP will be recorded, this is due to restricted content on this page, that can only be seen by SFR workers.


As a Police Officer, your role is to serve and protect the community at all costs. When on duty, you observe and monitor for any suspicious behaviour or broken laws. You’re able to conduct periodic police raids or events in order to take down large gangs or drug runners. Below you will find police systems and tools to elevate your job progress.


Once Evidence has been approved; Wait for Police Chief and other officers to be online and ready w/ warrant.

Group up at the Police Station and Gear up.

Drive to the location, compensate one prisoner truck for arrested transport.

Make sure the property owner is online.

Give them 2 options – Stated below

1: If they comply with the police raid, proceed, remove all contraband, arrest and jail them. If they comply without troubles then reduce their jail sentence + Fine.

2: They can choose to stand their ground, and fight off the incoming police forces. When this occurs, forcefully clear the building, destroy all contraband and jail them. If they do win holding off the police then they are able to escape and take asylum in a new location.


These laws have to be enforced by Officers when on duty. This list is simply for reference; if you need assistance with punishments contact a supervisor.

Disturbing the Peace – $200 Fine

Trespassing – $200 Fine

Harassing Others – $300 Fine

Vandalism – $250-$2000 Fine

Reckless driving – $300-$800 Fine

Driving Under the Influence – $500 Fine

Drug Possession – $500-$3000 Fine w/ 5m Sentence

Drug Distribution – $1000-$4000 Fine w/ 10m Sentence

Possession of Raiding Equipment – $500-$3000 Fine

Drug Manufacturing – $1000 – $5000 Fine w/ 15m Jail Sentence

Blocked Windows – Warranted Police Raid or Fine


/jail “player name” time cellnumber “reason”

/fine “player name” amount “reason”

All commands that are typed in-game are recorded and logged. You must include all command arguments in quotations as seen below otherwise it won’t work. Contact an advisor if you have any difficulties.


1. Always obey and listen to staff / leaders instructions at all times.

2. Only Police Chiefs are able to approve warrants for raid.

3. When you are occupying the SafeZone and on duty, the full uniform must be used.

4. Do not use the uniform, vehicles or other police resources when outside of the SZ, unless instructed to.

5. As a police officer, you can own house, but must a allow a house search at any time, denying said search will lead to an instant house raid and most likely a removal to the team

6. Always bring vehicles back to the PD, don’t leave them lying around when not on duty.

7. If you are chasing a criminal in SafeZone, punch them to command them to stop. if they don’t respond to this contact staff for Fail RP.


1. Stop them, ask them what their intentions are.

2. Either ask them nicely to stop doing it, or ask them to corporate and put their hands up. (CUFF THEM)

3. Escort them back to the police station via a police vehicle.

4. Once at the station, process them. You can ask questions or search their inventory. Remove any illegal contraband if necessary.

5. Give them the appropriate punishments – or jail time, utilise the /jail commands.

6. Once done their sentence or paid the fine, release them.

Refer to the punishments list above for laws.


-All Berries



-All berry pies





-Meth Lab

-All raiding weapons (excluding snipers)

-All explosives (excluding frags, confiscated if caught doing a crime)



If a window is blocked by wooden plates, metal plates, ghillie netting, etc. It is counted as illegal, and police have the authority report the porterty for a warrant. If you do find covered windows submit evidence normally.

In regards to Vehicle parking; if a motor vehicle is improperly parked you can request it to be moved by the owner, or ask a staff member to remove it. You are able to fine / jail the vehicle owner if it is repeated. When Aircraft vehicles are improperly parked on the road, fine the owner $400-600 and notify a staff member for removal.

If you need any more assistance please contact the Police Chief