Our finest Improvements

From map to drugs, everything’s new.

New Map

A never seen before rework of the beloved map, Washington. Despite it being beyond recognisable in some parts, we’ve pulled some strings to rework every square meter of the map thanks to Sir Mastard, offering multi-level locations to explore and loot.



Every aspect of the server has been reworked and modified. Police, Mafia, Drugs and memberships have all received a significant amount of time for improvement, expansion and freshening up.



Along with the new map, we’ll also be introducing a new Vehicle system, which tracks, stores and opens new opportunities for players and their vehicles. Garages will be located throughout the map to store and retrieve vehicles. Thanks Shockz!

Among the
New Changes

With over hundreds of changes and QOL improvements, this is a BIG update. Performance is always a key factor with any major update, extra attention is paid to profiling performance and improving in areas of need. 

A Complete Mod Rework

Change was desperately needed for this anyways so idk



Vehicles will be completely changed for 6.0 – Featuring new mods and plugins used by the server, to change the realm of transportation. Vanilla Vehicles 3 is implemented along with TBD others


Guns & Clothing

Guns and Clothing are the building blocks for the server, gun mods have been reshuffled to keep the consistent feel of Unturned whilst clothing has been expanded and enhanced.



NPC’s typically significantly change with every major Update, once entering the server for the first time, you’ll notice various new, returning and strange characters around the map, with new shops, quests and story pathways.


There are significantly more changes and keynotes in this update, but I’m far too lazy to continue working on this page which has already cost me many days.