You're in Control

For Update X, you get to decide the future of the server. Pick what you’d like the update to entail!


Update Nostalgia consists of bringing the server back to the prime era of Spud’s Ultimate Semi-RP. Enter through the time machine back into the past through memory lane. Additoanlly, current banned players will recieve a second chance.
DALL·E 2022-08-10 00.29.46 - The end of the world from artificial intelligence


Experience a never seen before server wide event. All players involved in a once in a lifetime Unturned experience consisting of a visual spectacular, orchestrated at a set date and time.




Back in update 2.0, Spud’s undergone one of the biggest map changes in history, Aurora. Vote for this if you wish to see Spud’s transcend into a new map with similar server characteristics.



New Content

Alternatively, vote for this if you’re happy with the current position of spuds, and would like to see a brand new content update. Fixing all current problems and introducing new and exciting content into the server for all players to experience and explore.


Ready to
Pick the Fate?

Cast your selection in the vote panel to the right. You can only vote once. The winning option will be worked on for an upcoming update when the staff team has reviewed and examined the votes. Choose wisely!

What does the future hold?

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for updates and news with the direction of the server.